An introduction to project dependency management and Silex

PHP Québec invites you to its next monthly meeting which will take place on July 11th. Both presentations will be in English.

This month, we will have two special guest speakers from Europe. Nils Adermann is the lead developer of the famous phpBB forum and Composer, the package manager for PHP. Igor Wiedler actively improves the PHP ecosystem by working on Symfony2, Silex and Composer.

Composer: Project Dependency Management for PHP

Composer is a new PHP dependency manager. Finally using 3rd party libraries in PHP projects is as easy it should be. Composer was inspired by concepts from Node.js npm, Ruby's Bundler and other package management systems. In this session you will learn how Composer can help you with your next project and how to can make your libraries available for others, be it open source or closed company code which is used in multiple projects.

Silex - The Symfony2 microframework

This talk will bring you closer to the Symfony2 based Silex microframework, explain use cases, go into internals, such as the Pimple service container, and show you how to use it. After this talk you will know more about Symfony components, PHP closures, functional testing, and get a taste of simplicity, minimalism and perfectionism combined.

Don't miss this great opportunity to learn how to use Composer and Silex in your web project.

Date & Location

École Informatique Supinfo
666 Sherbrooke West, office 1400 (entrance on University street)
2013-07-11 @ 19:00

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