May 2016 Meeting - Standard Exceptions 2.0 and a Q&A Session

The next meeting will be held at Centre on May 5th. Drinks and pizza will be provided by Pronexia

We will have a short talk followed by a Q&A session.

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How much? Free
When: May 5th, 18:30 for drinks, pizza and networking. 19:00 for the talk. 
Where: Centre
420 Guy
H3J 1S6 

Standard Exceptions 2.0

Mathieu Dumoulin

Presentation of a project that is aimed at providing additional standard exceptions to php. Many exceptions that are missing from the SPL are constantly being reproduced in different projects. By providing a package of high-quality, well organised exceptions, it will, in the long run, increase interoperability between projects and libraries.         


Attendees will be asked if they have any questions related to PHP development. Bring your questions, and your laptop. Chances are somebody already solved a problem similar to yours and will be able to help you.