June 2018 Meeting - Multilevel Debugging of Web Applications

The next meeting will be held in a new location, Lightspeed on June 7. Drinks and pizza will be provided by Pronexia. This event will be held in English.

We want to thanks Centre cloud.ca who hosted us for the last 3 years.

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How much? Free
When: June 7, 18:30 for drinks, pizza and networking. 19:00 for the talk.
Where: Lightspeed
700 St-Antoine Est,
Suite 300

Multilevel Debugging of Web Applications
Naser Ezzati

In this presentation, we introduce a unified LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) debugging tool based on LTTng and Trace Compass (open source tracing tools) to help developers and system administrators to perform multi-layer performance and root cause analysis of their web applications. We discuss using LTTng to trace and debug the LAMP applications at different layers from web requests and function calls to the kernel (system calls, I/O operations, network traffic), the driver (disk blocks actions) and hardware. We also show the use of Trace Compass (a tool to view and analyse trace data) to analyse the LAMP trace data, to understand the real execution of our web application, extract various statistics about its runtime behavior, and detect any possible performance bottlenecks and bugs. The presentation will be concluded by showing a demo of tracing and analysing of a real website and detecting the reasons behind its slow response time.