October 2020 Meeting - File-Based Portable Environments (FBPE)

The next meetup will be held on October 8. It will be online and in English.

How much: Free
When: October 8 at 19:00
Where: Online (details to come)

File-Based Portable Environments (FBPE), A Solution to Environment-Related Dependencies

By Andrew Caya

Container-based technologies like Docker have changed the way we think of Web applications. In many ways, they have made the development of Web applications much easier, but they have also brought about other problems, like environment dependencies. Most of the time, these issues are related to questions like: "how will we get this file into the container depending on the environment we are deploying to?", and "why do we have to set up all these tools, only to get a Web application from the testing environment to the production environment?". Indeed, these questions, and many more, can cause many headaches to both the developers and the devops/sysadmin operators. This is where file-based portable environments, or FBPEs, step in. Join us, and learn how to abstact away environment-related dependencies!